13 May, 2020
13 May, 2020

The Leadership Circle With Seth Godin (Virtual Workshop)

It’s our chance to lead. The world has gone topsy, but this slog will end. And when it does, we’ll need people who are ready and eager to level up. 

Best-selling author Seth Godin is the founder of He leads a team of coaches, teachers and technologists who are rebuilding a future of learning. Interactions instead of lectures, opportunities instead of tests. In more than 77 countries around the world, participants in Akimbo’s workshops have learned to find possibility and to level up.

In a rare, one-time opportunity (there will be no recordings) for leaders and their teams, Seth hosts a ground-breaking real-time virtual workshop, equipping you to:

  • Lead through uncertainty
  • Optimise your offering
  • Find resilience despite increased responsibility and pressure

You’ll connect with dozens of other leaders like you who are starting where they are, intent on making things better.

Designed by Seth, this action-packed, highly interactive 3.5 hour virtual workshop will operate as follows: 

  • Part One: (1.5 hours)
    • A series of guided discussions led by Seth.
    • Meet other leaders and dive deep into what it means to be a leader now.
  • Part Two: (1 hour)
    • Q&A with Seth Godin
  • Tea Break – BYO snacks! (10 mins)
  • Part Three: (50 mins)
    • Private discussion board – connect with fellow leaders who have just experienced the same workshop
    • Build out a plan for the change you seek to make, the work you hope to do and people you seek to lead.

The workshop happens in Zoom, face to face, and it happens live. You can do it wherever you have a quiet space and a laptop. There are riffs and prompts from Seth, and then guided breakouts with small groups where you will work on your priorities and your issues.

Attendance at the workshop is strictly limited. There are no archived recordings, no replays. That’s because it’s a seminar, a live event built around you and your future.

This is the future: more direct connection, more intimacy, more peer-to-peer support as we band together to make things better.

See differently. See what’s possible. Be truly remarkable. 

Your best work can’t wait. Join us.