Posted by Corinium
26 October, 2021
27 October, 2021
Online Event

The B2B eCommerce Show Online ANZ

When working in B2B eCommerce, it’s easy to believe that all your customer wants is to purchase your stock. However, we need to be always mindful that we are delivering an end-to-end, customer-centric experience that drives customer engagement and loyalty. COVID-19 has meant that most manufacturers and distributors are either starting, accelerating or re-focusing their digital transformation.

At The B2B eCommerce Show, leaders of local and international experience will demonstrate how to transform digital purchasing to exceed customer expectations, and deliver value to tomorrow’s customer.

Key themes at this event include:

  • Accelerating digital transformation of B2B sales: Successfully integrating digital and in-person experiences
  • Exceeding buyer expectations: Achieving personalisation and optimisation for the digital-first economy
  • Investing in the right technologies: Improving the digital experience maturity of your organisation
  • Transforming people and process:  Ensuring organisational alignment for optimised digital B2B