15 July, 2022
22 July, 2022
Online via Zoom

Telling our stories well

In this interactive online workshop, we cover the principles for preparing great media releases, communications materials, and general business content.

Our resident editing expert, Julie Shannon, will teach you how to craft engaging stories and convey these in a clear and convincing tone. You’ll also explore different topics and contexts with plenty of ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples from a range of industries.

This workshop is split into two parts – outlined below – which attendees can choose to attend one or both sessions.

Note: Participant numbers are strictly limited so you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on the examples you work on.

Part One – Friday 15 July 2022

  1. Work out your story
    Work out what’s news – identify your story, main messages and the wider context
    Think like your reader – understanding your audience and writing for them
  2. Refine your messages
    Choose your angle – classic story angles that can capture an audience’s attention
    Write a great title – developing headlines and leads in media releases and promotional copy
    Tell me why to care – placing the focus on benefits, outcomes and highlights
  3. Craft the story
    Order your content – ordering your ideas to suit the message and format
    Break up the copy – using headings and layout communications content and other formats
    Quote the bigger picture – writing appropriate quotes for senior figures and spokespeople

Part Two – Friday 22 July 2022

  1. Form the right tone
    Make your words count – simple tricks for reducing copy length while retaining meaning
    Use an active voice – using the active voice to sound clear and authentic
    Choose clear words – words and phrases for a clear and engaging tone
  2. Convey complex ideas clearly
    Understand readability – how readability supports your audience and messages
    A focus on technical terms – working with complex terms in different sectors
  3. Apply online style
    Frontload your sentences – keeping your copy search-friendly and easy to scan
    Apply seamless links – a few tips on writing effective hyperlinks
    Your style quiz – a refresh on print and online style, including capitals, acronyms and date formats