Posted by Akolade
20 February, 2019
22 February, 2019

Social Media WA Summit 2019

With eight out of 10 Australians on social media, there is now an increased focus for the public to become more digitally accessible and transparent to the community. In order to engage citizens and inform the public, organisations are now focused on driving consumer engagement and effectively informing decision making across the West Coast of Australia.

Akolade’s Social Media WA Summit 2019 provides leading case studies exploring strategic planning for driven social media excellence, measuring ROI on social media activity and a look into the next wave of social media platforms. This summit brings together key social media experts to deliver case studies, insights and strategies to build audience trust and enhance consumer engagement.

Attend this summit and learn how to:

  • Establish a strategic plan to align social media initiatives with your organisational goals
  • Effectively measure ROI on your social media activity to enhance audience engagement
  • Realise the next wave of social media to sustain a strong public presence within the community
  • Enhance audience engagement and create timely content with limited budget and resources
  • Develop an effective social media narrative to ensure a targeted following

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