3 September, 2019
3 September, 2019

Queensland Business Writers Conference

This one-day training event is a great opportunity for people who write content as part of their job to increase their skills and knowledge of best practice.

We’re holding the event at the Brisbane Marriott Hotel on Tuesday 3 September 2019.

This year, we’ll discuss how to become indispensable in this DIY world. How do we prove our value to stakeholders and customers when everyone thinks they can do our job?

In our training sessions, we’ll cover:

  • why plain language has evolved in recent years and how we can evolve with it
  • how understanding the humans in the communication process can create better content
  • how to create accessible print and web content that benefits everyone
  • how to turn #@!*-ty first drafts into well-crafted prose
  • how even the stodgiest organisation can communicate a compelling story.

This year we’re joined by longstanding Channel 7 journalist, Kim Skubris and conference favourite, Judy Gregory, as well as other great speakers.

And, as always, you’ll get a discount if you bring the team along.

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