Posted by WBR Singapore
7 October, 2020
7 October, 2020

Programmatic Pioneers APAC Virtual Summit

Covid-19 is posing unprecedented challenges for our advertising industry.

It’s forced you to seek guidance on how to navigate issues such as brand safety, underpriced ad-inventory, reallocation of investment and so on. But how do you do that when everything changes daily?

Without benchmarking and finding out what your peers are doing you could be missing out on critical information to keep your business afloat and get prepared for the future.

Sign up for free to find out how you can:

  • Adapt your advertising strategy to the Covid-19 landscape – get practical insights from the world’s leading brands, agencies and publishers
  • Accelerate your programmatic maturity – discover how the latest data and technology innovations are being leveraged
  • Benchmark against peers and have your pressing questions answered – hear from 15 leading programmatic speakers and take part in live polling and Q&A after each session