Posted by Outbrain
17 March, 2022
17 March, 2022

Outbrain Unveil 2022

Leading recommendation platform for the open web, Outbrain will be hosting its annual advertising innovation conference ‘Unveil 2022’.

The immersive experience is set to take place virtually on Thursday March 17 at 3pm (AEDT).

Across the 45-minute session, the focus of this year’s event will look at the current trends in direct-to-consumer marketing. Unveil will cover the biggest opportunity for marketers: engaging with customers on the open web.

With a rapid increase in online shopping seen across the pandemic, brands and marketers are at risk of being left behind if they don’t use the appropriate technology to connect with audiences. Outbrain has seen this trend and has been working to help brands and marketers grow their business with advertising technology that drives discovery results.

The annual digital innovation roadshow will provide an in-depth and exclusive look into this topic while revealing the latest integrated digital technology to be showcased at Outbrain. Attendees can expect discussions across themes of brand creativity, marketing simplicity, and campaign performance.

Under the theme of Performance, this event will provide a glimpse at never-before-seen products and advertising technology from Outbrain that helps grow business and find customers online.

The Simplicity theme will be highlighted through innovations directly relating to improving advertising communications such as title suggestions to support campaign management and foster user engagement.

Focusing on Creativity as their final theme, Outbrain’s solutions will explore new and original technology across platform and multimedia that focuses on the creative and landing page optimisation.

Unveil 2022 will be a fully virtual event featuring Outbrain’s Creativity, Performance and Simplicity solutions.

Outbrain Unveil 2022 – Online only
Thursday, March 17
3pm AEDT