3 March, 2020
3 March, 2020
Fortitude Valley

Nomad 2: The disintegration of the digital/physical divide.

Following an outstanding series in 2019, the Night Nomads are back to facilitate three bold, daring and sometimes uncomfortable conversations around the way in which digital technology is changing our lives… for better or for worse.

Nomad 2:  The disintegration of the digital/physical divide.

Gaming, Second Life, XR are already mainstream and have been for a long time. We are always on the internet through our phones and devices. And implants, bionics and neurotechnology are used to improve lives.

The digital/physical divide is already blurred. But what happens when that tips? When most of our lives are lived online rather than in real life?

Brain computer interfaces will eventually give us a pathway to digital through some variation of interfaces like tiny sensors that can translate neutrons to data.

What will our lives look like when we are always ‘on’ communicating, two ways, with the internet? When we are plugged into a virtual world, amplifying our abilities through cyborg modifications, or using micro chips embedded into our arms for tracking & convenience?

We might think of this as a dystopian science fiction story however, there are plenty of organisations (like Facebook, Neuralink, Kernel) already working on advancing human capabilities.

What questions should we be answering to prepare us for this reality? And more importantly where will the answers come from?