1 March, 2022
2 March, 2022
Online via Zoom

Negotiation Training for PR Professionals

As PR and communications professionals, we require a broad range of soft and hard skills to ensure we deliver in our roles where no two days are the same. However, there is one skill we engage with every single day – Negotiation.

From managing client/agency relationships to pitching stories to journalists, the art of negotiating is a vital part of our work. But how do we know we’re doing it well?

In this workshop, you will learn from global expert Filip Hron to understand the myths and rituals of negotiation, identify the shortcomings of the common approach, discover what sets highly skilled negotiators apart, and most importantly, address the industry-specific challenges of negotiation.

Filip will show you how to unpack and identify predictable behaviours and equip you with a neatly packaged structure that you can use to guide both preparations and future negotiations.

What to expect: One-and-a-half days’ worth of content split into three core sessions. Each session will include relevant theory, practice and discussion. There will also be a small amount of prework and homework to help you prepare. To simulate the in-person experience, participants will need to use a device that has both camera and microphone.