3 May, 2022
3 May, 2022

Navigating Health & Wellbeing in Australia through Consumer Trends

In our 2022 Consumer Trends Report: Rebound + Rebalance, we saw a shift in the drivers that are underpinning our happiness this year, compared to 2021. Whilst the Health driver has taken a back seat as we learn to live with COVID-19, in reality, all successful businesses are helping to create a healthier world, whether that’s in fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing, or beauty. 

In 2022, all businesses are healthcare businesses, as consumers seek to rebound and rebalance in this post-pandemic landscape.

To understand how your brand can navigate the vast world of health and wellbeing, join us on Tuesday, 3 May, for a new virtual event exploring the key trends that are shaping Australian consumer behaviour today.

How can your brand help Aussies on their journey to better health & wellbeing?