17 March, 2021
17 March, 2021

Moving beyond our digital addictions into the promise of technology

The utopian promise of technology is here: phones are friends; technology is supporting life and doomscrolling is dead.

Technology was meant to make life better, to cut down our working hours, to make us productive, to help us. But it’s not.

Instead, our daily digital interactions are eating away at our mental health whilst leaving us feeling like failures – reminding us of all the things we cannot do, friends we don’t have and things we cannot buy. All whilst keeping us addicted to our screens.

So much so, that a study measuring nomophobia indicates that 99.2% of Australians have some fear of being without their phone; doomscrolling was the word of the year in 2020 and we know that digital products are designed to keep us addicted (hello Social Dilemma).

The day-to-day toll on our general health is significant and unquantifiable. Yet we cannot live without the technology that’s hurting us. And honestly, we don’t want to.

How do we truly escape this conundrum and find our way into technology’s promised land?