24 May, 2018
24 May, 2018
Pullman Brisbane

The Marketing Conference “Chameleon: Becoming an Expert Adapter”

Chameleons change their skin at will in order to communicate and adapt to their environment, their tongue can reach prey in just 0.07 split seconds – now that’s efficient targeting!

As marketers we know empowered consumers and disruptive technologies constantly shift the goal posts in our industries. We battle with pressure to be agile in our professional capacity, while still relying on our experience of best practice. We understand the nature of our profession and the increased accountability to be revenue-drivers and not cost centres.

So how do we deliver better ROI, better customer experiences and become better marketing professionals? We adopt the chameleons approach and become expert adapters.

Why attend?

– Gain actionable insights
– Make industry connections
– Be active in your marketing community
– Be inspired by a supercharged line-up of thought leaders