4 May, 2022
4 May, 2022
Online via Zoom

Mapping out your Reputation Strategy

Any organisation is part of a community of interest, which is bound into other networks, all of which combine to create an environment of awareness, opinions, attitudes and ultimately behaviour.

How an organisation participates in that network of ‘stakeholders’, how it is regarded by those whose opinions matter to it, is often referred to as its “Reputation”.

A Communication Strategy is the essential foundation for a successful campaign or on-going reputation management process, regardless of scope or budget.

This workshop with Steve Cropper, is designed to give participants insights into how strategic communication works and equip them with the knowledge and tools to develop and implement low-to-moderate scale communication strategies.

Participants will record their outcomes in a planning framework which can be used to develop a complete strategy and suite of communication plans ready for implementation by their organisation. This can be used as a Master Communication Strategy that can steer advertising, PR, media, community engagement, customer relations, internal communication, and of course, reputation management.

What to expect: Participants will engage in a series of interactive exercises designed to stimulate creative thinking and capture key insights for practical application. Each course is structured to meet the needs of participants. This means that you get the maximum return on the time spent in the program.

Who should attend: The workshop is designed for people who are new to the Communication field or who have only indirect knowledge of it.