Posted by Social Soup
29 April, 2020
29 April, 2020

Live Webinar: The Pandemic we had to have. Understanding our current behaviour change and desire to stay off the treadmill

To offer some certainty in a world that has never been more tumultuous, Australia’s top strategic research agency, Pollinate, together with leading social influence agency, Social Soup, are working in a joint venture to bring you BC/AC: Life Before and After COVID-19.

Through accessing the Social Soup influencer community, a combined team of expert researchers, strategists, social experts and systems thinkers take a peek into the lives of over 1,000 Australian Households, to understand how the nation is responding to this crisis, and what the implications are for brands, business decision makers and policy professionals.

Following the successful launch of the research findings, BC:AC World is now an ongoing influential weekly webinar series on the crisis as the project revisits households weekly to track how their world is changing and how they are adapting.

To learn more about the upcoming webinar and download previous webinars and reports see here for more information.

Who is presenting:

Sharyn Smith, CEO/Founder of Social Soup; home to Australia’s largest, influential community

Howard Parry-Husbands, CEO/Founder of Pollinate; Insights, Systems Thinking and Strategy Specialists

With 30 years’ combined experience, Pollinate and Social Soup provide unparalleled access to what’s going on now and where things are going.

The webinar will run for 30 minutes and includes a questions & answers section at the end.