11 September, 2019
11 September, 2019


We are delighted to host this breakfast with Carmen Sederino from Illuminated Story. This breakfast is for Sales people and leaders running a sales teams to support their delivery techniques and build a deeper confidence in presenting with influence.

If you run a B2B sales team, this is a chance to understand if your team are you making the most of customer meeting time. Do your team capture the attention of a room during their presentations?  Is the content they are delivering persuasive while not being ‘salesy’?  Does the look and feel of the content reflect the professionalism and values of your companies brand?  Does your team’s delivery mirror the quality of your company?  Are they being the ‘walking billboard’ your want them to be?  Or are they damaging your brand? If you wonder what ROI you are getting from all the time spent presenting in front of current and potential clients? or how you can set teams up for success, this breakfast is for you.

Join us for Breakfast at Grossi Florentino for some networking and speaker coaching.

11th September 2019



Hone your sales presenting and influence skills with a small group of sales professionals for a one hour breakfast, we will look at framework for success and delve into some of the pitfalls and challenges.

– How to structure a persuasive yet not ‘salesly’ presentation

– Shifting your language to make your customer feel number 1

– The importance of your delivery and how to, as Amy Cuddy famously said, ‘Fake it until you become it’.

– The importance of your team’s ability to deliver and tips to improve their influence

Bio on Carmen Sederino

Carmen Sederino is a business and marketing professional, with over two decades of experience across a corporate global enterprise. She is passionate about working with professionals and executives to ensure their message is heard and felt. Carmen supports businesses through collaborating with leadership teams, senior executives, their staff and clients in order to develop content that is both engaging and clear and delivered with impact.

With over 18 years experience in leading, managing, advising and coaching teams across sales and marketing communications within the Reece Group business, Carmen has worked across Australia, through to China and New Zealand with various business units, from retail sales teams with their B2C approach through to the senior leadership team in their B2B approach. As well as personally delivering presentations she has provided mentorship, coaching and technical support for others to deliver their messages, ideas and pitches with impact.

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