1 December, 2020
1 December, 2020
Online 9am AEST

How sustainable is sustainability for brands in Australia post-COVID-19?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to flood our news feeds, forcing climate protesters to take a backseat, we might wonder whether sustainability programs and innovations are being redirected to the waste bin – no pun intended …

It’s true that during this global health crisis and the recession that will undoubtedly follow, budgets might get frozen or cut. Corporate strategies will have to deal with recovery, survival and getting back to normal. But let’s be honest, ‘normal’ wasn’t working before COVID-19 started to take the planet hostage. Australians care passionately about the preservation of biospheres and restoration of natural resources, yet they don’t want to pay for these ‘sustainability’ efforts. Furthermore, they expect brands to take care of the planet rather than consumers. So, as we head into another hot summer, when we’re likely to experience a repeat of last year’s bushfire crisis, sustainability should still be high on the agenda for us all, especially brands!

Fueled by new proprietary InSites Consulting quantitative research amongst Australian consumers, before (July 2019) AND after the bushfire crisis (October 2020), we will deep-dive into sustainability through the eyes of today’s consumers.

Join us on Tuesday 1st December at 9am for a virtual presentation with future consumer expert, Joeri van den Bergh, to find out what sustainability means for your brand. With a live Q&A, we’ll provide answers to some of the challenges you might be facing in becoming more sustainable.


Joeri Van den Bergh – Managing Partner & Future Consumer Expert at InSites Consulting

Erica Van Lieven – Managing Director InSites Consulting Australia