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10 August, 2022
10 August, 2022

[High-Level Briefing] How to Find Deep Customer Insights With Behavioural Science

In today’s competitive digital landscape, the ability to develop powerful messaging that goes beyond features and benefits, to the real psychological triggers that drive action is often what makes the difference between run-of-the-mill campaigns that don’t deliver much impact to the business, and those that drive real growth for an organisation.

If you don’t understand your ideal clients’ core emotional needs, then you’re simply not a customer-centric marketer. This is precisely where Projective Techniques come into play.

Projective Techniques are a qualitative market research methodology vested in the clinical psychology approach to ‘project’ your truth onto someone or something else. When we remove the first person from the equation, we remove self-serving bias and get incredible insights. Projective Techniques surface things that lie beyond what people are consciously aware of, yet influence their behaviour.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering:

  • The 3 obstacles in gaining accurate research data and how to overcome them
  • The 5 most important Projective Techniques and how to use them (there are 42 in total)
  • How to drill down into answers with both open-ended and close-ended questions (and when to use each one)
  • How to use the ‘5 Whys’ framework to go really deep into core psychological drivers
  • How to create Customer Problem Statements and the process of ‘testing’ them effectively

Understanding how to use Projective Techniques to uncover deep customer insights will help you craft messaging that elevates your marketing to new levels of performance.

IMPORTANT: every attendee will receive a free Projective Techniques Playbook that will help you run your own customer research project using projective techniques.

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