11 March, 2022
11 March, 2022

Her Sport Her Way, Trendspotter Forum

 The 2020’s will be defined as the decade in which women’s sport blasted into the stratosphere. From the roaring crowds of 86,174 at the T20 World Cup Final to Sam Kerr’s backflip on the Sydney Opera House, through to our spectacular female gold medallists at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. These iconic inspiring moments are redefining how a whole generation of girls see themselves.

As women’s sport continues to evolve, we need to keep pace. For too long we have placed emphasis on eyeballs and not on the heartfelt connection that female athletes create as role models. The field of play has changed, and female athletes now present a golden opportunity for leveraging commercial interest.

And there’s never been a better time to realise and capitalise on the shared value opportunities that women’s sport presents with the upcoming FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup in 2022, FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, and Netball World Cup in 2027 – if she can see it, she can be it!

The Trendspotter Forum, hosted by the Office of Sport, will bring together the best and the brightest to capture this seismic shift, see what’s on the horizon, and lay the foundations for a new holistic decision-making approach.