29 October, 2018
30 October, 2018

GOVDATA 2018: Government Data – Data Transformation, Data Analytics, Open Govt & Cyber Security 2018 Forum

The GovData Conference will bring together public-sector leaders to explore how public-sector agencies can facilitate data sharing through inter-agency collaboration. There will be sessions on  establishing data governance for improved policy and service delivery, enhanced data quality and information security.


  1. Transforming Data Management in Government
  2. Improve data sharing and collaboration and link to Open Gov
  3. Meet data compliance requirements
  4. Facilitate greater transparency, accountability, participation and trust
  5. Insights on government data strategy
  6. Government data analytics
  7. Be ready for the latest cyber security threats and prevent data breaches
  8. Enhance data and inform decision making
  9. Ensure successful outcomes in digital records management
  10. Utilising data to drive a digital government
  11. Develop an information governance model & framework