15 October, 2018
15 October, 2018
Canberra Rex Hotel

GOV 3.0 2018: Future Social Media Strategy: Public Sector Congress 2018

How to Prepare for a new wave of social innovation. The social media landscape and opportunity is fast changing and It’s an exciting time for the public sector to transform communication and harness emerging technology.


While we often get caught up in the now; of social marketing, it’s critical to also consider the future, and where you should be paying attention to in the months to come. And while virtual reality, augmented reality, hyper local social platforms are some of the answers most would revert to when thinking about the future of social, what’s equally important is how we’ll get there, and what, practically, the evolution to these next stages of social communication will mean for you and your organisation.


• The rise of augmented reality and the impact on social strategy

• Developing Instagram stories effectively for your business

• The continued importance of harnessing influencer marketing

• Gaining relevance with the Gen Zers – new platforms and the innovative strategies

• Personalizing brand messaging through AI, Customisable Chatbots and Voice Assistants

• Future social marketing global excellence – case studies from leading strategist

• The expansion of live streaming and the brand implications

• Re-thinking Twitter platform operations

• The impact of facebook spaces going mainstream on future strategy

• The future pathway for relevant personalised content