2 June, 2022
2 June, 2022

GA4 – New Horizons in Marketing Optimisation Webinar

Next year marks the end of Universal Analytics. So before Google takes it offline and GA4 changes everything, we’re exploring the…

New Horizons for Marketing Optimisation

There’s no escaping this – the upcoming switch to GA4 will shake up every market. 

We’ll see old dominators fall, replaced by a wave of new leaders: smaller companies with smaller budgets but smarter marketing teams – using GA4’s sharper insights, integrations and AI to maximise every touchpoint.

These new leaders will CONVERT MORE… INCREASE CART VALUE and FREQUENCY… ramping up LIFETIME VALUE without a ramp-up in spending.

However – while winners thrive, there will be losers too:

  • Those who IGNORE the end of UA will lose 100% of their data – because it’s due to go offline next year
  • Those who DELAY the transition will be slow to prosper – because GA4 needs to “learn” every business with 12 months of lead-in data
  • Those who DABBLE with GA4 will NEVER see its true value – because tailored set-up is a job for Google-certified experts

With so many risks, we’re heading for a two-tier market: a world where some thrive with the smartest tools and insights, while others stumble in darkness, guessing their way through.

THE GOOD NEWS IS you can still avoid these risks, and profit from GA4. However, with UA ending next year, that chance is fading fast. Within the next 8 weeks, you need to know how you’ll use the new platform, and plan for the transition. So…

On 2nd June, we’re inviting you to join us with an expert panel online to explore the


In a frank warts-and-all discussion, the panel will explore:

  • CHANGES: comparing GA4 with UA – what are the losses and gains?
  • POWER FEATURES: tools to improve every metric, from traffic to lifetime value
  • REPORTING: replacing off-the-peg reports with deeper, custom insights
  • PRIVACY MATTERS: how will you fare in the cookieless future?
  • INTEGRATIONS: how GA4 syncs with ad platforms and CRM to analyse, personalise and automate your messaging
  • DATA APPLICATIONS: extra ways to profit from the mass of BigQuery data. Smart segmentation… value analysis… next-best actions…etc.
  • TIMELINE: why the next market leaders are taking action NOW

Attendance is free, but space is limited. So please confirm your place today. 

FINAL WORD: GA4 puts every business back in the race for market domination. But it’s a race you can only win by doing it right…and doing it now.

Join us for this one-time event and get ready for the transition.