28 February, 2019
28 February, 2019

Future TV Advertising Forum Sydney

Future TV Advertising Forum is co-located in Sydney with The Future of Brands, (Wednesday 27 February 2019) and we have a great dual-pass offer for delegates (below).

Future TV Advertising Forum Sydney returns in February, asking whether we are heading for a media effectiveness and brand health crisis, fuelled by short-termism (including cost cutting) and sub-optimal planning. How do we get the brands-marketing-media machine firing on all cylinders? We also investigate the future of agencies, including how they add value in the face of increasing competition (from the likes of Deloitte and PwC) and the viability of a pure service-oriented fees structure – and whether this would improve transparency.

Once again, we are firmly focused on the solutions that will maintain TV advertising as the most important marketing medium in ANZ. Attribution, econometrics and planning optimisation are high on the agenda. We want to know how you prove the value of TV for long-term brand building and sales, as well as short-term performance, and how faster outcome assessments can be used to optimise in-flight campaigns.

This year, Future TV Advertising Forum Sydney (FTVA) is preceded by The Future of Brands, our thought-leadership event for CMOs, agencies, senior media owners and tech companies that is focused on the challenges and opportunities facing brand marketers. You can learn about the next steps in digital transformation including the role of voice-based marketing via digital assistants, the potential for new consumer and data touchpoints in the Internet of Things, and the role of AR and VR in brand communications.