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6 December, 2018
6 December, 2018

The Future of Event Promotion: Eventbrite Australia

In a recent survey of more than 4,000 event professionals worldwide, over half of respondents said that reaching new attendees is their biggest challenge.

With the majority of event creators saying that promotion is the biggest line item in their event’s budget — and 40% planning to increase marketing budget in 2019, knowing where to invest marketing dollars and where to cut efforts in your event promotion plan has never been so important.

Join us on Thursday, December 6, for in-person advice on event marketing in 2019 and beyond.

In this exclusive panel Q&A, you’ll hear the most effective tactics to drive ticket sales and predictions on the future of event discovery from Eventbrite marketing experts, including:

Linda Chen, Global Performance Marketing Manager at Eventbrite

Brendan Baker, Global Senior SEO Manager at Eventbrite

Lia Shaw, APAC Public Relations Manager at Eventbrite