Posted by CupoNation
12 July, 2018
12 July, 2018

Free Webinar – Become an Expert in Using Google Spreadsheets

CupoNation, a part of the Global Savings Group, is an online platform that offers discount codes and is present in 19 countries globally. Comprising of an international team, CupoNation shares the experience of its talents through online courses.

This time CupoNation highlights a useful tool for organizing and storing data, Google Spreadheets. It is becoming an increasingly popular option over Excel and winning more adepts, both students and entrepreneurs. But how well do you know Google Sheets and all its features?

Luca Alice, an Online Marketing expert with international work experience in England, Germany, Spain and Italy will explain the main features and major differences of Google Spreadsheets comparing to Excel. Luca will step by step introduce you to the best techniques of creating tables, analyzing data and sharing the results with colleagues.

DATE: 12 JULY 2018


Register on the CupoNation Australia website to join the webinar.