2 May, 2019
2 May, 2019

Exploring Voice and Audio Marketing – Brisbane

Your customers are listening, but can they hear YOU?

As marketers, it’s part of our job to be where our customers are. At this event, we’ll explore the current landscape of voice and audio and uncover where the opportunities lie.

With predictions that up to 50% of searches by 2020 will be voice and with 3.5 million podcast listeners in Australians, we’ll look at where consumer attention is focusing and what you need to do to be heard.

Our speakers will cover:

>> How voice search is being used and what’s ahead
>> What you need to do to optimise for voice search now
>> How brands are using audio content to reach their customers
>> How you can still capture a first mover advantage

Don’t miss this chance to gain some insights and knowledge from marketing leaders to inspire your voice and audio experiences!