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15 April, 2021
15 April, 2021

Employee Engagement: How to get buy-in from your C-Suite

Have you struggled to get your leadership team to understand the value of your employee engagement strategy? If so, you’re not alone. We have put together a panel with years of industry experience, who will share tangible examples and tips for how to improve the connection between your people and your leadership team.

There’s no denying it, employees want more and leaders are under greater pressure to cut expenses and show value. This has left HR leaders in some pretty rough turf, trying to strike up a balance between keeping their people engaged and keeping the balance sheet in check. COVID really threw a spanner in the works, challenging traditional leadership to adapt at a rapid pace, without time for consideration. Many leaders want to go back to pre-COVID working routines but employees simply aren’t interested.

On top of all that, it’s “your job” to keep them engaged.

What you’ll learn throughout the event:
– Why employee engagement needs to be a part of the business strategy.
– What people really want and need to thrive.
– How to illustrate the bottom-line impact and demonstrate the ROI of employee engagement.
– The connection between employee engagement and your EVP.