3 March, 2021
3 March, 2021

Eliminating Hate Speech Online

Imagine a world where online hate speech is non-existent. Where we can peacefully talk through the differences in opinions; where cyberbullying is eradicated and where social media is not used as a tool for violence.

Even the most innocuous comments can generate a tirade of negative feedback, resulting in bullying, trolling or real life violence. Throw in red and blue feeds, extremism, racism, sexism, religious hostility, homophobia, transphobia; and a host of other ‘questionable’ views and the word censorship rears its head. 

Think of the challenges around Trump, Twitter, ‘free speech’ apps and the insurrection at The Capitol. Extremists are scary when they gather, add in thousands of angry everyday people and you have confusion, violence and potentially the death of democracy.

Content moderation is ineffective – punters just move to other sites; censorship is questionable; governments & legal systems are caught between a rock and a hard place and digital technology is creating more problems than solving them.

Is there a way out?