4 October, 2018
4 October, 2018

Driving StartUp Growth through B2B Markets + Networking

Business-to-business (B2B) markets can provide significant advantages to start-ups such as fewer competitors as well as very loyal and “sticky” customers. Furthermore, companies are increasingly recognising the benefits of working with and/or sourcing from start-ups and SMEs including higher levels of support, products and services that are better tailored to needs and a willingness to co-innovate. In order to maximise on the opportunities that B2B markets can provide in driving the sustainability and growth of start-ups, one must understand key characteristics of B2B markets as well as how to develop and implement customer driven strategies.

In this class, you will learn:

  • 4 types of innovation other than “Product” that can be used to drive growth
  • How to effectively “listen” to identify B2B innovation opportunities
  • 3 Types of Marketing Innovations that every start-up should be using to drive growth
  • How to develop plans to both manage and grow your key B2B customers and prospects

This class will have a strong participatory component so that attendees can be applying the concepts to their business idea or actual business venture right away.