21 August, 2019
21 August, 2019

Diversity in Advertising: Our Global Village

We all make a habit of looking in the mirror, but advertising has traditionally shown a very different reflection (and complexion) to the society we live in. Whilst long a topic of discussion, meaningful change has significantly trailed the debate.

With few exceptions we have struggled as an industry to move beyond the stereotype and recognise the importance of truly reflecting diversity across its many facets.

It follows that those that help shape society through their craft can play an important role in changing the way we see our world. From race, gender, culture, LGBTQI, disability & age – our industry has the opportunity to show a fairer reflection of our society and the people we serve.

Join the International Advertising Association (IAA) Young Professionals as we talk with leading content creators and brands to explore their role in helping to speed up this change.

The event will run from 5:30pm – 8:30pm with food and beverages provided.