Posted by Melotti Media
14 February, 2018
14 February, 2018

Copywriting For Your Business Success

Copywriting and content marketing are essential parts of Marketing in today’s world. It is more important than ever to have the skills to create or work with contracted copywriters to produce valuable and engaging content for different mediums that cuts through the noise and engages your audience effectively.

Marketing has evolved in recent years through technology, which has, in turn, changed the way we do business, by altering processes, consumer behaviour and expectations. This is why content needs to be relevant and highly personalised to stay ahead of your industry.

Run by award-winning content copywriter and marketer, Christopher Melotti (Melotti Media), this class will cover key content planning and strategies to promote customer engagement and discuss the key role it plays in Marketing campaigns across various forms of media. We will work also together to understand more about providing valuable messages and communication to our audience to maximise our brand and value proposition.

Participants will gain knowledge through this hands-on and collaborative session, develop ideas for their own business, share relevant experiences to take away, and most importantly, hone their skills to improve their copywriting and content strategy.