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3 September, 2020
3 September, 2020

Content Conversations Webinar: The challenge of multi-channel content solved

Nearly all businesses manage content in multiple systems and in many different silos. Web content is just one small facet, and it is usually managed separately to content used for print and other channels. This leads to duplication and inefficiency in the content management process and often results in content authors either being spread thin or increased staffing costs.

Traditionally, a DAM could be used to manage assets across multiple channels, but content is another matter: content is often specific to a particular medium, and can often be targeted at different stakeholders and audiences depending on the channel and transmission medium.

Join Christian Brenner from Isobar for this webinar where he will explore:

  • Real world challenges that businesses face managing content.
  • How to manage digital experiences without duplication.
  • How Sitecore Content Hub can be used to solve these problems.

Hosted by Andrew Birmingham, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Which-50 Media.

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