28 March, 2020
29 March, 2020

Conscious Space

Make 2020 your Year of Conscious Living 

A truly first-of-its-kind in Australia, The Conscious Space is a three-day event across Sydney and Melbourne uniting over 150 inspirational businesses and change makers for people just like you. Beautifully crafted for the mindful, the curious, and for the earth, the Conscious Space is not just an event, but a dedicated and passionate community for you to experience… for free!

Born from a desire to minimise anxiety, waste, climate change and disconnection from the everyday discourse, Jessica Mcleod, Founder of The Conscious Space and Conscious Work, is one of many curious humans turning to conscious living and sustainability in order to move away from the chaos, and live more considered and fulfilled lives. 

“With this event, we want to cultivate conversation, foster the ‘what-if’s’ and connect people to communities who are motivated by being a force for good on our planet. This year we have seen first hand the effects of climate change and if we as individuals don’t start making mindful choices, we will pass the irrevocable tipping points and experience more devastation. I hope to evoke the year of conscious living for 2020 and inspire individuals to make small changes that can make an impact.” said Mrs Mcleod

The Conscious Space will host trailblazers and creatives who believe in ethical businesses, value-driven brands with a sustainable, purpose-driven approach and unite them with curious consumers for a common goal; to live, work and play more thoughtfully. So far, The Conscious Space has partnered with leaders in the world of mental wellness at work, Thrive Global, businesses putting purpose alongside profit such as Stone and Wood, fashion and beauty site Primer, as well as with Places We Swim and Freedom Foods

Attendees will be inspired by talks from guest speakers including Alexx Stuart and Morag Gamble, live podcast recording with Pru Chapman (One Wild Ride) and social enterprise partners The Social Outfit will feature across the festival. Guests can explore the array of mindful, ethical, and sustainable products and brands, as well as delicious food options with an impressive selection of vegan vendors, interactive workshops, and most importantly, the organic wine bar.

Be a part of this dedicated and passionate community by attending The Conscious Space event near you, and be inspired to live ethically, live sustainably, live consciously.

The Conscious Space Sydney 

Friday 28th March- Sunday 29th, 2020 

9:00am- 4:00pm 

The Cutaway at Barangaroo Reserve 

Registration Available via