30 May, 2019
30 May, 2019

CNET’s Next Big Thing: The AI Revolution

This is a consumer technology event brought to you by CNET, a web property of CBS Interactive, in partnership with Samsung at this year’s Vivid Ideas Festival in Sydney.

Event Details

Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia – Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000

30 May, 8am – 10am

Tickets: Register free here.

“Only 33% of consumers think they’re already using AI platforms. In reality this number is much higher, closer to 77%” (Source: PEGA)

Artificial Intelligence or AI is possibly one the most important topics of our time, yet we don’t talk about it enough. How is AI and machine learning actually going to shape our lives in the near future?

This year, we bring both sides of the AI debate into the light. Attendees will leave our events with a broader understanding of AI as a whole, and how AI ties together other emerging technology like 5G and autonomous cars. Join us to discuss the challenges we currently face and those heading our way as the reality of artificial intelligence begins to affect us more directly in our everyday lives.

CNET’s Next Big Thing: The AI Revolution keynote focuses on the effects of AI on every day consumers and the lives they live. From connected smart homes to driverless cars we will explore just how our lives will change as AI enables us to live a truly connected life.

This day of AI exploration provides an intriguing and exciting forum on the fast-changing world of technology and reveals how AI will shape our lives in ways once only imaginable in science fiction films.

Ticket Conditions

This is a free event. To register for a ticket, visit here to grab your spot on Eventbrite.
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