Posted by GfK
16 November, 2022
16 November, 2022

Breaking Through Uncertainty

Conflict in Europe, inflation, supply chain issues, rising out from COVID impacts and sustainability trends: there are many challenges in the world today impacting Australian businesses. So, how do we take these challenges and use them, not as excuses, but as opportunities?

Join GfK to delve into a new world; a world where consumers are adapting and recovering to a new consumerism order. Where radical shifts have motivated consumers to make intentional, mindful, and ambitious decisions.

You will walk away from this session with exclusive insights on these opportunities and a deep dive on the following topics:

Emerging consumer values, lifestyle patterns and disruptive trends and what it means for brands – business & marketing leaders
Home as the HQ – the values underpinning behaviour change and what’s next for brands/industries in 2023
The key capabilities to shaping and enhancing your marketing and sales strategies

Drive actionable insights from trends, understanding deep consumer values that shape behaviour in your business, and pivot your strategy as the world recovers to a new consumerism!


Mitesh is an expert in helping businesses lead through defining business problems clearly, creating stronger use of data and insights, and driving more innovative approaches, all underpinned by his strong understanding of consumers.

He has worked with 150+ companies in ANZ across 400+ categories with some of Australia’s largest companies. His industry experience includes Retail, FMCG, Media, Consumer Technology and Durables, Travel and Banking and more .

Mitesh holds a MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management.