Posted by Hotwire
3 December, 2019
3 December, 2019

Branding on the Brink

For most business leaders and marketers in 2020, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ they will be faced with a crisis. This problem has escalated dramatically in the social media era, as today, every employee is a brand ambassador and every customer has the power to become a vocal judge within a platform.

Globally, 80% of marketing leaders are worried a high-stakes communications crisis will hit their organisation, with Australian marketers being most at risk. 72% have already been involved in a high-stakes issue.

While consumers make purchasing decisions based on brand purpose, only 34% of Australian marketing leaders believe their organisations reflect their core values the majority of the time.Most brands in Australia, whether they know it or not, are on the brink of a communications crisis.

As we close the decade and prepare to welcome the next, Hotwire has collated an expert panel to discuss how to develop, implement, and run a business with genuine purpose, and how to maintain this commitment throughout crisis scenarios.

Join us for an evening of forward-looking conversations and networking among industry stakeholders, including:

· Carissa Simons – Safety Communications Lead, Uber Australia & New Zealand

· Nicola Britton – Regional Manager (Australia,) GoFundMe

· Camilla Cooke – Co-Founder, Xinja

· Evelyn Ek – Director, CPR

· Heather Kernahan – President North America & Australia, Hotwire