Euro 2016 Fans Get Naked To Promote Safe (But Fun) Sexy Times

Euro 2016 Fans Get Naked To Promote Safe (But Fun) Sexy Times

TBWA\Paris’ latest campaign for AIDES, the HIV and AIDS awareness group, gets fans in the nude and body painted-up to represent the flags of their countries, all in a bid to promote safe sex during the Euro 2016 festivities.

Fans appear in post-coitus type scenarios, which is evident based on the cheeky body paint smears on both parties.

The campaign is called “Make Love, Not War” and is photographed by Eric Traoré, with its overall message twofold: reminding people to protect themselves from HIV and playfully putting the spotlight on the inevitable cross-country ‘bonding’ that will occur as soccer fans descend onto France until July 10.

“Blend together, safe together,” is the appropriate tagline for the campaign.

“Some people continue to confuse sports competition and nationalist fever; this campaign is the best way to respond,” said AIDES president Aurélien Beaucamp.

“A bit of love and lightness in a climate where reactionary temptations are raging can only do everyone some good.”

The campaign started running June 24 in print, on the web and outdoor. Check out some of the spots so far:

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