ESPN Anchor Ruins Game Of Thrones For Everybody

ESPN Anchor Ruins Game Of Thrones For Everybody

*B&T Spoiler Alert* ESPN anchor Michael Eaves has faced the wrath of Game of Thrones fans after revealing the death of a certain character before the episode aired on the US West Coast.

While recapping the night’s NBA action on SportsCenter, Eaves made an analogy to the night’s GoT episode, which was still an hour away from airing on the West Coast, and fans were furious.

The line, according to multiple Twitter users, was something along the lines of: “Unlike the way Cersei went out, this game didn’t disappoint.”

Social media users quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

One user tweeted: “Flipping on @SportsCenter real quick before starting GOT and @michaeleaves spoils a major plot point less than an hour after it airs. Unbelievable.

Another said: “If you’re watching SportsCenter on the west coast right now, @michaeleaves definitely just ruined #GameOfThrones for you.

One fan wrote: “When feeding my daughter her bedtime bottle watching @SportsCenter and @michaeleaves spoils @GameOfThrones before I’m able to start it… come on man!!! At least wait a day.”

Eaves, however, took it all in his stride as he sarcastically replied to one commenter: “Wait … Cersei died? For real?”

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