Empty-Nesters Get Raunchy In Latest ‘Do It For Denmark’ Spot

Empty-Nesters Get Raunchy In Latest ‘Do It For Denmark’ Spot

Even though children are lovely, they are not good for your sex life, and that’s the problem travel agency, Spies Denmark, is looking to solve through its third instalment of the country’s ‘Do It For Denmark’ advertisements.

According to research, 46 per cent of Danes in relationships with children indicate that they have less sex with their partner after having children, but this campaign points heavily to the other promising statistic: that Danish couples with children have on average twice as much sex on an exotic vacation than at home.

The third campaign in the ‘Do It For’ family, is called ‘Do It Forever’, with Spies Denmark aiming to strengthen the incentive to travel south by launching a loyalty program with a built-in fertility bonus.

Check it out:

Spies Denmark has previously tackled the  27 year low birthrate crisis with ads pushing couples to make more babies, after learning that couples with kids have more sex (and hopefully make more babies) when on holidays.

Check out the previous two from the ‘Do It For Denmark’ campaign, including one particularly creepy ‘Do It For Mum’ ad:

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