EMMA Incorporates Calibrated Nielsen Digital Content Ratings

EMMA Incorporates Calibrated Nielsen Digital Content Ratings

The Readership Works today announced an important innovation for Australia’s cross-platform audience insights metric emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia).

The move is the first step of the calibration of Nielsen Digital Content Ratings (DCR) audience targets to its database.

This will provide the most accurate and a more complete picture of news media and magazine audiences.

Available from January 2019 for the October 2018 emma data, Nielsen Digital Content Ratings’ audience data will be calibrated into emma to deliver consistency between industry currency data sources, improve accuracy and better reflect the total audience of publisher brands.

It also capitalises on the methodological improvements in Nielsen Digital Content Ratings to extend emma’s ability to deliver total audience to more magazines and news titles.

This approach continues to use the current Nielsen Digital Panel data, however it is calibrated to the Nielsen Digital Content Ratings audience targets for people aged 14+.

Additional magazine and newspaper mastheads will now receive a currency-grade total audience, which can be analysed alongside other media currency data and detailed lifestyle and product data.

The number of magazines now able to offer a total audience reach swells from 11 to 39, as well an additional 16 newspaper titles, including The Saturday Paper and regional mastheads.

The full integration of the IAB-accredited Nielsen Digital Content Ratings currency into emma will be possible in the first half of 2019 with the delivery of Nielsen’s full synthetic digital respondent-level database.

In the interim, Nielsen has developed the solution, announced today, that enables the calibration of the digital panel data to match the Digital Content Ratings audience data for people 14+.

This delivers an alignment of audience numbers in emma to those seen in the digital currency published in market.

Where a publisher participates, this allows Nielsen to light up greater coverage of mobile audiences and includes content in websites, apps and video players across all devices, and social platforms such as Facebook, as well as Google.

The Readership Works general manager Mal Dale said: “The calibration of the digital panel to the IAB-accredited industry currency of Digital Content Ratings is another demonstration of emma’s commitment to currency-on-currency measurement.

“It once again proves our desire to work collaboratively with Nielsen and other industry bodies to provide Australia with the world’s most advanced and accurate audience measurement system.

“This is the first of several exciting innovations coming up in the following months.”

NewsMediaWorks CEO Peter Miller said: “Our publishers have been recognised for pioneering digital news brands and the innovative methods which they are using to successfully distribute and monetise content.

“Now they have the ability to measure it and provide a complete picture of audiences both on and off-platform for the first time. Indicative emma data including the new enhancement shows that our publishers are in very good health.”

Nielsen managing director of media Monique Perry said: “Nielsen’s data science teams have demonstrated their agility in delivering both short and long-term commercial outcomes for our clients.

“We are proud to deliver this panel calibration to the Digital Content Ratings audience targets to ensure an interim currency fusion both for our Readership Works clients and all Consumer & Media View clients.

“We do remain committed to a longer term synthetic respondent-level database that will future proof our digital currency and allow it to be combined with other virtual panels where required.”

The first emma and digital panel data calibrated to Digital Content Ratings for the 12 months to October 2018 will be available in January 2019.

The calibration of Nielsen panel data to Digital Content Ratings audience targets within emma follows a strategic collaboration between The Readership Works, Nielsen and Ipsos in May.

The new collaboration sees Nielsen now leading the fusion process that brings together accredited readership data, emma, which has been produced by Ipsos since 2013, and Nielsen’s digital audience data, to deliver a total audience readership (emma Cross Platform).

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