eHarmony Takes Dating Algorithm Into Live Social Experiment

eHarmony Takes Dating Algorithm Into Live Social Experiment

Fresh off the unveiling of its latest TV campaign last month, eHarmony is continuing its brand evolution by creating a live social activation that will put its matching system to the test.

In a world first social experiment, eHarmony LIVE will be the first time eHarmony has ever taken its formula offline to test how it applies in real life, in real time, with the event slated for November 29 for all you romantic hopefuls.

Like speed dating with a twist, this exclusive event will give participants a chance to sit down on multiple five minute dates with other attendees and let the sparks fly.

Leading the experiment is eHarmony matching scientist Jonathan Beber, who will be flying to Australia from the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles later this month.

Through this experiment he intends to verify that eHarmony’s matching algorithm is better at predicting sparks and bringing people together who naturally click. The study’s results will be published in a white paper in early 2017.

“People often confuse strong physical attraction with compatibility, and when building a new relationship may not take into account what would be best for the long term,” said Beber.

“These superficial and incompatible matches are reflected in the high rate of relationship break-downs and divorces.

“We know that eHarmony’s algorithm is better at predicting long-term compatibility, and through eHarmony LIVE we want to validate that our matching system also leads to a higher instance of true chemistry when two people first meet.”

Nicole McInnes, eHarmony’s marketing director, added, “Ask any single person about today’s dating landscape and they’ll tell you it’s a minefield. The swipe-happy, convenience-centric culture may be creating more choice, but our latest research shows that it has actually diluted opportunities for true connections.

“eHarmony was launched to give people a better chance at finding genuine connections, and so far we’ve created nearly 200,000 relationships in Australia alone.

“We’re the only company that can hand on heart say we exist to enhance people’s lives. eHarmony LIVE isn’t just another event, it’s us as a company putting our money where our mouth is to show that our algorithm does lead to better connections and more sparks.”


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