ECN Launches Temperature Controlled Campaign For Taylors Wine

ECN Launches Temperature Controlled Campaign For Taylors Wine

Digital display network ECN Australia has announced the launch of its dynamically triggered campaign for Taylors Wine.

This automated campaign incorporates ECN’s smart scheduler technology, which aligns different creative to different weather temperatures.

Taylors Wine’s research showed that Australian wine consumers typically drink their wines at the wrong temperatures: whites too cold and reds too warm, resulting in a reduction of optimal wine flavours.

Taylors Wine’s solution was to place a temperature controlled panel on the bottle label to identify the optimal drinking temperature of the different wine varieties, enabling the consumer to either briefly chill warm wine, or bring their too cold wines to a warmer drinking temperature.

ECN’s solution continues this theme, and incorporates a temperature-triggered mechanism comparing current weather and optimal drinking temperatures for these wine varieties.

By comparing the current temperature with a defined optimal drinking temperature range for Shiraz and Pinot wine varieties, audiences are provided precise guidelines for how much to cool or warm their wine to optimise their drinking experience.

Mr. Wolf managing partner Richard Carr said, “When we conceived the Optimum Drinking Temperature concept for Taylors, we knew that the ECN would not only be a hugely relevant channel in terms of reach but also that they’d be a great technology partner to bring the concept to life.”

“The ability to serve tailored messaging triggered by the current temperature is a hugely relevant way to educate consumers about the importance of drinking wine at the right temperature. We’re thrilled with the end result.”

Delivery of this innovative idea was a collaboration between the Taylors Wine’s marketing team, Mr. Wolf, Customedia, and ECN.

By utilising ECN’s smart scheduler technology Taylors Wine was able to reach CBD office workers in a memorable way, 70 per cent of whom identify themselves as wine drinkers.

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