eBay Advertising Australia partners with Rubicon Project

eBay Advertising Australia partners with Rubicon Project

eBay Advertising Australia and Rubicon Project have announced a new partnership that will allow marketers to programmatically buy eBay’s advertising as part of the automated online ad trading movement.  

Rubicon Project automates advertising to allow brands to deal with online advertisers. The partnership will allow advertisers to bid on eBay Australia’s advertising impressions in real-time, combining the company’s first party data with premium inventory.

The two companies believe that with eBay’s seven million monthly unique visitors and over one billion ad impressions, they have created the country’s largest private marketplace.

General manager of eBay Advertising, Australia & New Zealand, JJ Eastwood, believes the future of digital advertising sits with programmatic trading.

“It’s simply a more intelligent way to purchase digital media as every impression is bought and sold more cost effectively, and as a result the most relevant messages reach the right people, at the right time.”

“The partnership with Rubicon Project will provide marketers access to programmatically buy eBay’s advertising in Australia. Having the ability to access and evaluate inventory in real-time will create efficiencies and certainly increase ROI.”

Kaylie Smith, Managing Director, APAC, Rubicon Project, continues, "We are thrilled that eBay Advertising is now adding Australia to their list of major private marketplaces around the world, affording trading desks and the 140,000 advertisers on REVV around the world the prized ability to advertise to the exact segments they are most interested in."

B&T recently published an in-depth article on the workings of the automated online ad trading industry

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