Droga5 Under Fire From US Unions For ‘Exploiting Performers’

Droga5 Under Fire From US Unions For ‘Exploiting Performers’

Two unions in America, the Screen Actor’s Guild (SCA) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), have targeted ad agency Droga5, claiming it exploits performers by not paying them by industry standards.

The SAG-AFTRA has taken out ads in various trade media around the States, such as Adage and AdWeek, in its quest to make Droga5 sit up and pay attention. SAG-AFTRA says it has a petition more than 8000 strong of people who believe Droga5 pays actors for its ads “substandard wages”.

The supporters and members SAG-AFTRA came to the Droga5 head office in New York to deliver the petition, of which the NYPD were allegedly called.

The group at the Droga5 head office.

The group at the Droga5 head office. Image via SAG-AFTRA.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.55.13 PM

A screenshot of the homepage takeover on AdAge.

“SAG-AFTRA went to Droga5 today and stood up to agencies that exploit performers by continuing the destructive practice of unfair pay,” said SAG-AFTRA national executive director David White. “This event demonstrates the strength wielded by our members’ united voice and the union’s dedication to all performers who seek an acting career. There is no place in the growing, lucrative advertising industry for companies that undermine performer rights in the name of profit, and we’ll continue to fight for fair wages, working conditions and benefits for all actors.”

“SAG-AFTRA members simply went to drop off 8,000 petition names and talk with Droga5 today,” said SAG-AFTRA New Yorkl local president Mike Hodge, who led the event. “Instead of coming downstairs and looking us in the eye, Droga5 wouldn’t accept the petition and the police were called. Today’s action shows Droga5 we’re not going away quietly and reminds them that treating hard-working performers in an equitable fashion and allowing them to earn a middle-class living is the right thing to do.”

The homepage takeovers of some of the trade media publication is reportedly just the beginning.

The ad.

The ad.

The SAG-AFTRA is also going to run print ads in trade media, as well as starting a social media campaign #AdsGoUnion on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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