Doritos Creates Rainbow Chips For Gay Pride

Doritos Creates Rainbow Chips For Gay Pride

Doritos is busting out the big guns to show its support for the LGBT community, with an assortment of limited editions brightly coloured chips.

In partnership with not-for-profit It Gets Better Project, the crunchy triangles and their packet and branding will be rainbow hued.

The overall design was created by ad agency Goodby Silverston & Partners (GS&P), who, according to AdWeek, were also the ones who worked on the Crash the Super Bowl competition, which has just announced its tenth and final competition.

On the coloured creation, Margaret Johnson, executive creative director at GS&P, reportedly said: “In creating the product we did a lot of work internally, in working on the bag and working with the designer to come up with a design that was equally bold and beautiful. It’s a clear design and it speaks in a real graphic, bold way.”

The new website dedicated to the chips has the rainbow branding as well, and asks those who wish to munch on the coloured goodness for a donation in exchange for a packet.

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