Campaign: Don’t Be That Guy With Dumb Online Security Knowledge

Campaign: Don’t Be That Guy With Dumb Online Security Knowledge

Internet users are concerned about their privacy, fraud and reputation. however not many actually take precautions.

A new series of videos by security software company, Trend Micro Incorporated, takes the lack of precaution in the online world into the physical world to show how dumb it is.

Don’t be that guy.

In a recent study commissioned by Trend Micro, the survey found that Internet users participate in a variety of potentially risky behaviours, including browsing suspect websites and allowing apps to access public information from their social media profiles. The “Don’t Be That Guy” videos highlight potential problem areas many Internet and mobile users face while providing solutions on how to protect private information. The videos focus on the following topics:

  • Identity theft prevention
  • Password management
  • The dangers of phishing scams
  • The risks of downloading apps on your Mobile
  • Online privacy setting & protection

“Today we have so many choices to communicate and share our lives with friends and family online and through social networks,” said Tim Falinski, director consumer ANZ at Trend Micro. “But as the number of ways to communicate increase, so do the threats to our private data. Internet users need help navigating the complex landscape to keep their personal details private.”

The Trend Micro survey found Internet users continue to participate in online behaviours that can increase their risk of identity theft or damage their reputation. For example, in Australia 41 percent of mobile users do not use a password to protect their devices and 61 percent of the consumers let their browser(s) save their password when they are on the Internet.

“We want to inform consumers of their risky behaviours to prevent them from falling victim to the next data breach,” said Falinski.

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