Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Smart Baby Sock Notifies You When Your Baby Stops Breathing

There’s never been an easy ‘at home’ way to monitor whether your baby’s still breathing throughout the night. In the past, it was a mother’s intuition. Now, it’s a sock. A team at Brigham Young University has created the Owlet Baby Monitor – a sock that monitors your baby’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels for signs of irregularities. If any occur, an alert is sent to an app on your smartphone that sets off an alarm to notify you.


3D Print Figurines of Your Unborn Child

Consumer 3D printing is really starting to take off. Only this week we saw Staples in the US introduce a 3D printing service for the everyday Joe. Now a 3D printing company in Japan has teamed up with a maternity clinic to offer 3D printed ‘figurines’ of your unborn child via MRI scans. No doubt we will see lots more of this in 2013.


Red Stripe Activation

Red Stripe, the Jamaican beer, has released a video featuring a great little activation it created in a London corner store. Unsuspecting customers who picked a Red Stripe beer out of the fridge were surprised to find the store come to life as regular groceries turned into robotic instruments. The grocery orchestra, complete with beer bottle flutes and noodle pot maracas, played an excellent rendition of reggae classic ‘A Message to You Rudy’.

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Melbourne Agency Entrepreneurs 1 – Privi

Melbourne’s Taboo agency has launched Privi, a new mobile app that revolutionises the way non-disclosure agreements are made and signed. Users enter the topic of conversation, agree to the general non-disclosure terms, then photos, GPS coordinates and time stamps work together to help produce a legally binding PDF for both parties’ safe keeping.


Melbourne Agency Entrepreneurs 2 – StorePlay

Marketing Melodies and Melbourne agency We Are Digital, have joined forces to launch an app that’s set to make sourcing, playing and paying for music in retail environments a whole lot easier. Called ‘StorePlay’, the app delivers retailers (think hairdressers, cafes and bars) new themed playlists each month for a subscription fee that includes all licensing and royalty requirements. Stores no longer have to think about what to play or fill out APRA licensing forms – brilliant.

For more on StorePlay see B&T’s story here.

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