Digital cameras vs smartphones

Digital cameras vs smartphones

The use of digital cameras has begun to decline with a 24% decrease in purchases in the last year, according to Future Source consulting.

TLC Marketing attributes this to the uprising and popularity of smartphones with built-in cameras where, according to Our Mobile Planet by Google, the trend of smartphones is one which isn’t slowing down.

Some of the top trends for the digital camera polarisation as noted by TLC Marketing include polarisation, premium growth, multifunctionality and new product developments.

Point and shoot cameras no longer really have a place in the market now, with TLC Marketing reporting that if they don’t have a strong unique selling point in 2014 they will struggle.

TLC Marketing also suggested how the use of professional cameras and DLSRs have continued to grow, where there is the opportunity for camera brands to expand their offering and include further functions of some of these professional cameras such as high optical zoom, filters and fish eye lenses.

Cameras also need to operate on a multifunctional level, as many people now share their photos with their friends on internet.

This multifunctional trend now sees numerous cameras with standard Wifi, social media platforms and editing software built-in.

Furthermore, in an effort to bridge the gap between smart phones and cameras, TLC Marketing notes how we’re seeing “an increasing number of ‘snap on lens’ brands and more filter applications being released in 2014”.

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