Digital Audience Segments Of A Modern Baby Boomer: Starts At 60 Data

Digital Audience Segments Of A Modern Baby Boomer: Starts At 60 Data

Starts at 60 today launched their audience data products that make segments of the audience available to clients for better targeting of advertising and content.

They are releasing 14 off-the-shelf audiences and 12 more specialty audiences that provide highly targeted segmentation to advertisers seeking the increasingly appealing digital 60 year old.

The 14 audience personas include Money and Investment, Travel Lovers, High Value Grocery Buyers, Entertainment Seekers, Arts, Culture and Literature Lovers, Health and Medicine Lovers, Style and Beauty Lovers, Over 65s, Active Starts at 60 Community Members, and Active Investors.

In the off-the-shelf audiences, they have also built a series of three personas around retirement mindsets called “Pre-Euphoria”  “Euphoria” and “Post Euphoria” that stand alone in the targeted of the modern retiree.

In addition to this a selection of more specialist audiences have been released, including those planning for retirement, showing strong interests in luxury travel or cruising, and those who have pets, or wear glasses and sunglasses.  We’ve found large swathes of our audience that are interested in craft, researching downsizing, or purchasing motor vehicles too.  And the team can build custom audiences as well.

Dale Olcorn, manager of data and advertising at Starts at 60 said, “With Lotame we have been able to identify distinct behaviours and attributes among online over 60s to allow us to match the right advertiser with the right consumer.”

In January, Starts at 60 had a unique audience of approx. 499,000 users in Australia, combining Nielsen Digital Ratings measures with Facebook Instant Articles.

“We were also the most engaged media site in Australia according to Facebook Insights data on a selection of 20 major media brands including SMH, ABC, Pedestrian, Mamamia, Today, Sunrise, Womens’ Weekly, New Idea, and many more, said Founder and CEO of Starts at 60, Rebecca Wilson.

“The Baby Boomer is rapidly becoming a very appealing audience for advertisers, with the realisation that it is a different mature audience emerging today than any previously seen in media.  The emerging 60+ is wealthier than they’ve ever been and more carefree and euphoric than ever in their spending behaviours.

A quick look at the Starts at 60 audiences shows some key audiences include:

The high value grocery buyer – the 25 per cent of over 60s who have a household income over $100k PA and choose to shop online regularly.  86 per cent of these own pets and 76 per cent enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

The Travel-Lover, 50 per cent of which are currently retired, allowing them to travel 2-4 times per year on short notice and large trips of their dreams.  39 per cent of the travel loving audience have visited an airline website in the last month.

The Health and Medicine audience, who is 4.9 times more likely to purchase over the counter medications than average internet users.  48 per cent of these have an interest in weight management and ¼ of them are looking to purchase nutritional food.

The Investor, 83 per cent of whom are also avid travellers, and 71 per cent are actively planning for or living in their retirement with 100 per cent showing an interest in personal finance.

And the Style and Beauty Lover, 76 per cent of whom have an interest in online fashion and are 6.9 times more likely to purchase fragrances.


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