Did Facebook’s ‘Friends Day’ Gift Backfire?

Did Facebook’s ‘Friends Day’ Gift Backfire?

Facebook turned 12 yesterday and celebrated with its virtual holiday called ‘friends day’. the social media giant gave its 1.04 billion daily active users a gift, but it looks like some people didn’t want to receive a video collage of all the people they are Facebook ‘friends’ with but would rather never see in real-life.

Facebook used automated technology to create a video collage of user’s photos and their friends which could then be shared publicly or viewed privately. The technology was unable to distinguish between ex-partners, estranged family members, dead animals and old school friends you haven’t spoken to since high school.

“To help our community celebrate the importance of friendship, we’re delivering a personalized Friends Day video to millions of people around the world. These videos stitch together special moments with your friends in a short film that can be edited and shared,” Facebook said in a press release.

Turns out people weren’t jumping on board:

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