Deloitte Joins Forces With DIGIVIZER For Social And Business Strategic Services

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Professional services firm Deloitte Australia and Aussie people-centric social analytics technology company DIGIVIZER have signed an exclusive Alliance Agreement to create new strategic business consulting and technology services.

Using sophisticated social analytics, including real-time data, Deloitte and DIGIVIZER aim to provide unprecedented visibility into how consumers, employees, influencers and the market interact with brands, services, products, people and business processes.

Equally exciting for Deloitte is the role of social analytics in the area of proactive risk management, as Boards and management continue to rate risk as one of their top concerns. DIGIVIZER’s unique and granular view of the social landscape will help Deloitte’s Risk and Crisis Management practices better understand and manage clients’ social and reputational risks. It will also provide a timely feed of reliable and specific social insights that can be used to identify and plan for financial and operational issues before and as they arise.

Deloitte and DIGIVIZER are already working together across a number of industries and have identified some unique service opportunities now made possible by this alliance.

According to Frank Farrall, national leader of Deloitte Digital: “By adding real-time social data to the view of customers and market opportunities, organisations can finally close the gap in customer insights, providing a complete view of all consumer activities, effective customer loyalty and engagement – from product through to marketing, sales and service strategies.

“Our purpose is to radically expand the capacity of our clients to act on the insights of their customers. The richness of insight enabled by the social web must be maximised, particularly with the disruptive growth that is the sharing economy,” Frank Farrall said.

“This arrangement represents a strong point of differentiation for Deloitte in data and digital. There are many providers of social data in the market but we believe that DIGIVIZER’s unique intellectual property sets it apart and helps us create differentiated propositions for our clients, capturing the real-time value of social data in a structured and efficient way.”

Jenny Wilson, Deloitte customer strategy and insights partner, added: “Social can be a strategic differentiator if done the right way, but many of our clients remain beholden to individual social platforms as distinct silos. This means they are distanced from the customers they are trying to engage with.

“DIGIVIZER has built its technology to encompass the complete view of individuals’ social media behavior and digital footprints. Partnering with DIGIVIZER means we can help our clients actually engage in a personalised omni-digital customer relationship.”

Emma Lo Russo, DIGIVIZER’s CEO, said: “Every business wants better relationships with more customers and to forge those relationships in the right order. Tapping into, understanding and acting on the signals customers send via the social web is what this strategic alliance is all about.

“Organisations can now take advantage of Deloitte’s consulting expertise to implement new business practices incorporating our social analytics technology and services. The real-time insights we harvest with our home-grown technology can now assist businesses more deeply and directly in Australia and beyond.

“We believe we can redesign the way businesses go to market and engage with customers. By combining Deloitte’s consulting expertise with DIGIVIZER’s social analytics technology we can change the market landscape for acquisition, risk assessment, cross-selling, retention and loyalty programs.”

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